How to Play Online Word Search:

The words on the right of your word search screen are the words you will need to find in the puzzle. They can go in any direction: up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, and diagonally. When you spot a word, click with your left mouse button on the first letter of the word, and drag your mouse till you reach the last letter. The word will be circled in yellow, and will be crossed off the word list on the right. When you've found all the words in the puzzle, you can click Play Again at bottom of the puzzle window to rescramble the puzzle - for the most part you will use the same words, but a few will be swapped out for other words. You can also start a puzzle over at any time by clicking Quit at the bottom of the puzzle window. You will be asked "Are you Sure?", and once you click Yes, a newly scrambled puzzle will appear. Or, you can just return to the home page at any time to choose a new puzzle theme.